Geri Burke

Navigation for the soul

Since 2011, Geri Burke has helped stressed, overworked and uninspired professionals step away from their “successful” lives and manifest a life that they love, a life that gives them more time, meaning and money.  It is her soul’s purpose for you to find your soul’s purpose and create that life for yourself.  It is her guarantee that if you work with her you will have:

More Time

Time is not money, it is much more than that.  It is a frustratingly finite and unrenewable resource.  Creating more time is impossible.  But, creating a life where the time that you do have can be spent as you wish, is possible.  Imagine manifesting a life where you choose how you spend your hours – reading, volunteering, exercising, meeting with friends and family, vacationing, learning to cook Tai– it’s your choice.

More Meaning

There is a famous quote that defines how important a meaningful life is to me.  “Someone once told me the definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became.” - Anonymous

A life without meaning leaves you empty, wondering the point to another day, while a life with meaning is joyfully aligned with your soul’s purpose, pulling you towards your future self.

More Money

Money is more than the means with which to purchase what you want.  Money is the tool that creates the freedom to spend your time living life the way you want.  This tool can be used to make your life more simply, more luxurious, more philanthropic or more adventurous.  A life with more money is like a toolbox with more tools.

Geri’s Pledge is 100% Customer Satisfaction

After working with Geri, if you feel you do not have more time, more meaning and more money, Geri will continue to work with you at no additional charge until you do.

I had been hearing the whispers for years, telling me that I was on the wrong path in life.  But I ignored it, choosing security over purpose.  I was a senior GPS System engineer in corporate America for over 20 years; the big job, the big salary and the big bills to go with it.  Big stress too.  Then I started to get sick.  It wasn't until I flatlined that I finally started to pay attention to the whispers that I had been ignoring for years.  Those whispers showed me how to turn myself into a GPS receiver, to navigate life.   Now I bring it to you."
- Geri Burke